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Panel: Fact Vs Fiction

Panel: Fact Vs Fiction

Panel: Fact Vs Fiction

Panel: Fact VS Fiction

Friday 8th November

21:35 - 22:15


How do personal experiences inspire onstage performances? How do creators distance themselves from autobiographical material? What must a show do to be considered “truthful”? Join Maiden Speech creators and guest panelists as we discuss the blending of fact and fiction, and finding truth on stage.

This panel discussion will be free to attend, but will culminate in a bucket collection for Shelter. We're proud to be supporting a charity that helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing and homelessness.


This panel will follow performances of:

Please, Feel Free to Share by Rachel Causer (18:15)

The Lesson by Gracia Rios Calderon (19:15)

Chronic by Catherine Bensley (20:30)