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My Fern Flower

My Fern Flower

My Fern Flower

by Jonah York

as part of Six Plays One Day 

8th February 





An epic journey through soundscapes, physical theatre and storytelling. Come experience one man's quest to save those he loves the most.


Two Brothers. A collection of tales. One final journey.

My Fern Flower follows the journey of Jonah and Jim, two brother’s crossing through the thresholds of story and reality to help one another.

It’s a show about letting go, about hope, about bring stories from around the world together. It’s a story that brings out the imagination and magic in the act of storytelling.



Praise for My Fern Flower

“Jonah York could easily be seen as a hippy from Brighton who wants to make a play about the stories that are embedded in us. But somehow, he goes about making theatre in a completely non-self-involved, genuinely passionate and experimental way.” A Younger Theatre

“Unearthed Theatre are an exciting act, with a promising future” Ed Fringe Review

★★★★★ “It’s obvious from the start that Unearthed Theatre, is a cut above" The Wee Review