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Museum Pieces

Museum Pieces

by Jamie Christian 



1st - 5th October 



Tristan Bates Theatre 



Getting your kit off on TV is a bit like squeezing toothpaste from a tube – once out there, there’s no going back. 

Museum Pieces tells the story of four different people who are forever changed by a TV show in which the contestants appear naked. Each story, told from the perspective of a partner, an employer, a stranger – even a contestant, directly feed into each other over the course of the Christmas and New Year holiday season, with both hilarious and disturbing outcomes.

Museum Pieces is Jamie Christian’s second collection of monologues – following on from last year’s successful production of Four Loyalty Cards.


Praise for Four Loyalty Cards

"Like Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads but for a 2018 audience when Grindr, selfies and spinach smoothies are part of daily life!” – Faye Stockley, London Theatre 1

“Jamie Christian’s strength lies in capturing the recognisable eccentricities of everyday people, and exploring the complexities of what lies beneath the surface.” Martin Stocks, ONIN London