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Presented by Test Of Time Entertainment Ltd

by Thomas Holloway

15th April - 2nd May



running time: 1hr 15 minutes


An 'unsettlingly well-observed', yet darkly humorous, exploration into the greyer areas of sexual harassment.

Bill, a timid yet ambitious young graduate, is unsure if his seemingly supportive boss, Mr. Simon, is in fact hitting on him... When Mr. Simon’s behaviour escalates, Bill is provoked into reacting in a way he didn’t think himself capable. Will Bill now end up paying the consequences of someone else's actions?


Trigger Warnings

Themes of sexual harassment, manipulation and abuse of power.

Use of some violence and abusive language. Including recalled trauma. 

Suitable for audiences 18+



Praise for #MR.SIMONSAID

"Unsettlingly well-observed and yet full of light relief from frequent black humour...." David Adkin, Producer of Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal Bath.

“It becomes (and this is nothing but a compliment) quite Joe Orton-like in its journey towards crisis and loss of control.” Alan Franks, Award-winning Author, Journalist and Playwright.

"Tom has written a terrific script! Darkly funny. Very relevant in today’s climate." Dan O'Meara, Actor.


Thomas’ previous play (‘Knock Yourself Out’):

"…funny and tender and clever all at the same time. The dialogue is so witty and natural and, crucially, authentic." What’s on Stage