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Moment of Grace

Moment of Grace

Moment of Grace

Streaming from 31 July - 9 August. Tickets £6. Available to stream from 7.30pm on 31 July.

Presented by Backstory Ensemble in association with The Actors Centre and The National HIV Story Trust

Booking Process: Please enter your details below to pay £6 to stream. Once you have paid, you will receive a unique access code via email to stream the production. Please note that the production is automatically captioned. If you wish to view without captions, you can amend via the settings button. Please consult the Booking Info tab for more information.Would you have risked everything to challenge ignorance about AIDS?

It’s 1987. Princess Diana’s landmark visit to a London AIDS ward has sparked world-wide interest, camera crews and a televised interview.  But AIDS remains taboo. Even being seen to work on this ward could cost you everything. To change public misconceptions, would you risk it?

Told through the eyes of Jude, a nurse on the ward, Andrew, a patient, and Donnie, a fireman estranged from his son, this ground-breaking new play Moment of Grace tells how the Princess’s visit brought critical attention to AIDS awareness through empathy and acts of kindness.

Download the Moment of Grace programme here.

Based on the original play by Bren Gosling.

Winner of the  2020 NO:INTERMISSION International One Act Play Competition.


Audience comments from the Bloomsbury festival sellout showcase

"Moving and enlightening. A tour de force."

"Amazing evening. A privilege to be there."

"Mind-blowing and humbling; the time has come for a specifically British take on those years."

"Came to see Moment of Grace last night and wanted to thank you all for this piece of theatre. So important that the early years of HIV/AIDS are not forgotten. Superb. Really emotional night."

"Thought-provoking, inspirational!"

"I learnt about a part of history I realised I didn’t know much about. Very moving and inspiring."

"A fantastic play, very moving and evocative of the time."

The National HIV Story Trust is recording and preserving stories told by people who have been touched by HIV/AIDS since the1980s. We seek also to re-imagine those experiences through the arts and are proud to associate with this dynamic production of Bren Gosling’s new play, Moment of GracePaul Coleman, National HIV Story Trust