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Mary Anning 'The Mad Woman of Lyme'

Mary Anning 'The Mad Woman of Lyme'

Mary Anning 'The Mad Woman of Lyme'

by Peter John Cooper

6th - 9th April


£15/ £13



It is 1846, and the little town of Lyme Regis is battered by howling winter-gales. Dying and increasingly dependent on laudanum, Mary Anning reflects on her life. By challenging the status quo and making remarkable strides in a male dominated scientific world, her work threatens to disprove the very foundations she was raised on. Haunted by hallucinations of friends, enemies and even the creatures she spent her life hacking out of the living rock, Anning tries to make sense of her existence in her last moments. AsOne bring their signature blend of narrative, movement, music and striking visuals to tell this story about memory and coming to terms with the past. 


“A daring and provocative production" Chris Aziz, audience member, on Escaping the Storm 2019

“Instructive, thought-provoking and enjoyable. Quite a combination!” Minette Walters, Author, on  Passion 2014

“A theatrical treasure of the future” Marion Cox, Dorset Echo, on She Opened the Door 2010