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It's Beautiful, Over There

It's Beautiful, Over There

It's Beautiful, Over There

by Stephanie Greenwood

11th-15th February

19:00 (13:00)

£12/ £10 


Discount: Buy two-for-one tickets plus TWO drinks in our Green Room Bar for only £20. Use the code BEAUTY at the checkout to avail. This is an online-only offer and cannot be purchased at the venue or over the phone. 


Steph’s dealt with death before. This one’s different.

Steph has stories to tell you. She wants to tell you about her birthday, her heroic grandmother, and how her ukulele playing is coming along. She definitely does not want to tell you how it feels to lose a friend. She could if she wanted to, it’s not that she can’t, it’s just that … well, you don’t want to hear that anyway, do you?


It’s Beautiful, Over There is a close look at the hard work of telling the stories that matter the most.


Content Warning: Contains gun-shot sound.