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Is Trying Enough?

Is Trying Enough?

Is Trying Enough?

by Melissa Hale

as part of Six Plays One Day 

8th February




Sometimes, what is broken becomes better than it was before…

Financial hardship, loss, guilt and a dysfunctional family are stuck in a council flat. Is trying really enough? Lou, Tommy and Jay are living on the breadline just trying to get by, but then they face their worst nightmare. Is Trying Enough? explores a reality where there is no other option but for three siblings to live in poverty.


Praise for Is Trying Enough?

“The story has some great authenticity and the script is well written… I could certainly see this as a longer mainstream play” – North West End

“Gripped: my eyes couldn’t leave the stage” - Mark Featherstone Witty, Founder of BRIT School and the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts