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In Search of a White Identity

In Search of a White Identity

by Cliffordkuju Henry 

17 - 22nd August


£12 / £10


‘I love my country, but I don’t like what it’s become.’

Patrick and Mickey grew up together. So when they are both arrested and detained during an English Defence League march, why are they on opposing sides? And why have they been put in a police cell with Mo? Three men of different cultures are forced to face each other and their political beliefs head on. Following a successful scratch production at the John Thaw Studio in early 2019, In Search of a White Identity explores some of the crucial issues of our time.



Reviews from scratch production:

“I found it provocative, disturbing…Most of society duck these issues.” Simon Furness, The Actors Temple

“While going home after the performance, I realised I’d never listened to someone like Mickey.” Gloria Spence