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I Woke Up Feeling Electric

I Woke Up Feeling Electric

I Woke Up Feeling Electric

by Jack Robson


Wednesday 6th November 18:30 

Sunday 10th November 21:15

Run Time: 55 minutes


Bertie, what's the weather like? 

Bertie, how's my commute? 

Bertie, define 'ineluctable'. 

A work-life balance is hard to find when you're an AI assistant. Luckily for Bertie, it's easy to enjoy your job when you were literally made for it. Sending emails, making playlists, checking the weather forecast — he loves it all. But one night, after he's updated, Bertie’s world is upended and he's forced to assess the limits of his occupation, his isolation, and his own free will. I Woke Up Feeling Electric is a human play about technological minds, examining concepts of identity and humanity in the context of artificial intelligence.


Recommended 12+