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Her Way

Her Way

by Mary Stewart-David

25-27th November 2019


£7 / £5



When a man makes a plan – God laughs.

But when a woman makes a plan – God better watch out!

Her Way is an irreverent musical look at the world through the eyes of Eve, the first woman to inhabit The Earth version 2.0, where  God manifests Him/Herself as a bearded transvestite so that She can be all  things to all men. Life in the Garden of Eden is not exactly a picnic for Eve, who is destined to go down in history as the Mother of all Mothers. Shackled to Adam, a man reputed to be well over 900 years old, and consequently rather creaky in the bed department, Eve is also the mother of twins, one of whom is the world’s first murderer and the other, the world’s first homicide victim.

As Eve wonders what life would be like for her daughters’ daughters if we were all made in the image of a non-binary Deity, God decrees that there will only be one religion in this new world, but She can’t decide which one.  Eve doesn’t have any answers for God’s problems or her own, but no matter how this new universe pans out, she’s going to rewrite the story of Creation and tell it Her Way.