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Her Way

Her Way

by Mary Stewart-David

25 - 27th November 2019


£7 / £5



When a man makes a plan – God laughs.

But when a woman makes a plan – God better watch out!

Her Way is an irreverent musical look at the world through the eyes of Eve, the first woman to inhabit The Earth version 2.0, where God manifests Herself as all things to all men, women, LGBT+ and aliens. Life in the Garden of Eden is not exactly a picnic for Eve, the original mother of all mothers. With Adam, a man of limited vision, the feisty Eve becomes the driving force, as the first First Couple set out to rule the earth and end by nurturing both the world’s first homicide victim and his murderer.

When God, dismayed by the lack of human progress, threatens to pull the plug on this new world, it falls to Eve to rewrite the story of Creation, telling it her way. Embracing all religions and political standpoints, Eve lays down a framework for her daughters’ daughters to protect the earth from its greatest existential threat – mankind. From the first woman to the First Lady and beyond, it’s her way or the highway from now on...