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Game Face

Game Face

Game Face

by Lexi Clare, Lucy Park & Katie Paterson


Wednesday 13th November 19:15

Thursday 14th November 13:00

Friday 15th November 20:30

Run Time: 55 minutes


Resist. Relapse. Repeat. In a joyfully anarchic piece of gig theatre, three performers from different cultures play the game of being "beautiful". Told through a series of games, songs, dance and spoken word, Game Face is a dynamic and explosive critique of oppressive beauty ideals and the effort it takes to keep resisting them. Drawing on personal experiences of eating disorders, colourism, and the impact on relationships, Game Face mocks the absurdities of our beauty myths, and the lengths we go to in trying to beat them.

Recommended 14+

Content Note Please note that this production explores themes of eating disorders and suicide. Please not that balloons are used in the performance.



Game Face will be presented as a work-in-progress show at Maiden Speech.