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by Evan Lordan, Pedro Leandro and Edward Stone

presented by Conflicted Theatre and Clay Party


1st - 5th October

18:15 (14:30 matinee)



You walk past Nick and Sam every day of your life. They take your train. They live on your road. They’re polite, ordinary, easy to forget - and, like everyone, they’re hiding something. Except this is something taboo, even for you. This is something so appalling and pure it could never be acted on ... until this weekend. This weekend will be the first and last time they’ll ever see each other.

A dark comedy about a relationship that is gorgeous and gruesome in equal measure, and a love not defined by sex or blood... so to speak... 

How far can we let two consenting adults go with their desire?

Winners of the Pleasance Futures Award 2018, Clay Party team up with Cork’s ‘vividly stark’ Conflicted Theatre to tell the most unorthodox of love stories. It’s one you may have caught on the news or heard in a horror story; a relationship so off-limits it’s enticing, and so enticing it’s horrifying. 


Praise for Conflicted Theatre:

‘Vibrant’ The Irish Times

‘Powerful sequences of physical theatre’ Irish Theatre Magazine

‘Conflicted Theatre give us a smart, imaginative take on a starkly vivid story… Intelligent and moving’ The Echo

‘Conflicted Theatre catches the almost musical shifts in these various scenes… lively, contemporary and punchy’ The Echo


Praise for Clay Party

‘This company have nailed the speech patterns of their generation... the TV producers will be circling like vultures, booking a suite at the Radisson to brainstorm how to monetize this millennial voice. They may not get much traction. Clay Party looks set to break the mould.’ International Times 

‘Clay Party, share my belief in the power of speculative fiction, and their debut production Outside stands tall as an impressive poster child for it... Uncanny naturalism can be credited to the acting talents of the cast, who all stand out as masters of realistic delivery and timing. Praise must also be afforded to writer Edward Stone’s incredible knack for dialogue, and clear understanding of how to pen authentic personalities.’ Somna Theatre

‘The pace and flow are as effortless as I have seen in any piece within this genre in 30 years of theatregoing. The three young actors keep you spellbound in a serious, gripping and very funny piece about modern life; what it is and what it could become....brilliantly written and performed. Congratulations on a modern masterpiece’  LAODS