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Feeding The Moonfish

Feeding The Moonfish

Feeding The Moonfish

by Barbara Weichmann

27th January - 1st February



Note: This show is also included in our January Theatre Discount, where you can see four shows at the Tristan Bates Theatre for £20, saving you £40. Click here to purchase.

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On the edge of a saltwater lake in Florida, Martin, a young man, slips away each night to talk to the fish that feed at the end of a dock. Always believing himself to be completely alone in his secret ritual, he is surprised and angry to find one night that he has been spied on by a curious and obsessive teenage girl, Eden, who has hidden herself in his car to see where he goes. As Eden confronts Martin, dark secrets from the past are unearthed, Will their new bond be transformative and redemptive, or will it be their undoing? Feeding the Moonfish draws on the influence of natural forces, the significance of memory and the power of human connection to weave a ghostly and surreal tale of loneliness, violence and a young man's fear of himself.


Content Warning: Violence, abuse, self-harm and suicide