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Embrace Festival

Embrace Festival

Embrace Festival

Festival of new musical theatre by Goldsmiths University -


17th - 21st September 

19:00 (14:00)


Two show day (17th, 19th & 21st): £12/£10

Three show day (18th, 20th & 21st matinee): £16/£14


See all five shows and save - choose any 2-show and any 3-show ticket for £20/£18: £20/£18

***to apply the discount when buying tickets to all 5 shows please use code EMBRACESTAND for Standard priced tickets or EMBRACECONC for Concession priced tickets at checkout***



Love, Life, Death

17th, 19th & 21st matinee

If you knew when your last minutes were coming, how would you spend them? Last Minutes is a new musical about life, death, and how we value our time. Emma is about to start her first day as a construction manager. Jay is trying to sell her self-help book on mourning. Arthur is waiting for a heart transplant. They all need a little bit more time. Last Minutes is about the way time moves when you lose a loved one. Can we follow a set of rules to recover, or do we have to build the blocks that are right for us? Emma, Jay, and Arthur find out the ways that death can tear people apart or bring relationships together, even when time seems to stop. What would you do with five more minutes?

Contains some strong language.




The weight of balance

17th, 19th & 21st matinee

At the bottom of the sea, you will meet Sophia, guardian of a city fast asleep, the city of Naïa. Sophia witnessed its creation, the evolution, the struggles of its civilization, and she saw it fall. Sophia will tell you the story of two sisters with a heavy burden: the duty of keeping the world in balance.









An Old Story, A New Musical

18th, 20th & 21st matinee

You have probably heard of Frankenstein and his hideous creature, but what about the author of this gothic tale-turned myth? What about Mary Shelley, the young girl of 18 who had to make a name for herself as a writer in a world dominated by men? Have you ever wondered what led her to write such a horrific story? Behind what is known as the “first work of science fiction” is a real story – filled with joy, pain, hopes, and delusion. It is Mary’s story. And it is time for her to step out of the shadows of Frankenstein, and take the floor so she can tell Her tale. Or rather, sing it.







Somewhere we all belong

18th, 20th & 21st

Our story is about an SATB chorus group set in college. Maybe they are stars on the stage, maybe they are crazy about their dream and youth, but also maybe not as far away as all of these. They have hesitation, conflicts, dissatisfaction, like all of our friends, or even live under the shadow of depression; but this story is about something more important: being listened, being understood, being accepted, being loved.

Contains some strong language.









Return Music and Art to a world that has forgotten why they need it.

18th, 20th & 21st

The world is monotonous and dull: Music, colours, songs or any form of artistic expression is forbidden. The Government called “The Regulators”, believe that industries and businesses are the only mechanisms required to prosper as a civilization. Aurora is the rumoured “Natural Artist” that is considered to be the greatest threat to the Government. Clarice leads the revolution against “The Regulators” and his leader, she possesses an artefact that if combined with Aurora’s gift, it has more power. Stefan joins them to fight against the Regulators and provides them with important data that helps their cause.

Contains sudden noises, smoke, haze, flashing and strobe lighting. 
This show covers themes of violence, recommended age 14+