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Darling, It’s Not About You

Darling, It’s Not About You

Darling, It’s Not About You

by Julia Thurston and Sof Puchley

as part of Six Plays One Day 

8th February





“Do relationships last when the attraction is magnetic? Or are things moving too fast for your first love to feel poetic?” 

Michelle, Joel and Susanna are all struggling to come to terms with the fact that throughout their experiences of casual dating, hook-ups and relationships, no one’s ever really loved them back.

And then they find each other.

But things are more difficult than they seem when Michelle falls for Joel, and Joel falls for Susanna. As they move through their relationships with each other, they find they have different opinions about what’s more important in love. Is it feelings, attraction, or commitment? Does love conquer all even when someone makes a big mistake? Or were they unsure of their feelings to begin with? ‘Darling it’s Not About You’ tells a story about the trials and tribulations of young love and hookup culture, all told through spoken-word poetry.


Praise for Julia Thurston

★★★★★ "Thurston’s writing provides an unflinching mirror to today” Broadway Baby on Paved with Gold and Ashes