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Buried Kingdom

Buried Kingdom

Buried Kingdom

by Kim Ho

27th September




Part of the Typhoon Playreading Festival 2019

Set against the backdrop of contemporary Cambodia, Buried Kingdom is the story of two second-generation migrants returning to their parents’ homeland in search of answers, redemption, belonging. Sophea travels to Phnom Penh yearning for something she can’t describe. Abel has been deported from America to a country he’s never known. As the pair embarks on a delicate friendship, they begin to discover untold histories, hidden strength. But in the shadow of the Khmer Rouge, can they ever heal from the wounds of the past?

Join us after the reading for a talk back discussing the creation of Buried Kingdom, exploring diasporic writing, how cultural background informs the playwright and what is happening for the arts in Cambodia now. The panel members include Kim Ho, writer of Buried Kingdom, and Jean-Baptiste Phou, Head of Creative Programs at Cambodian Living Arts.