British Born Chinese

British Born Chinese

by Eric Mok 


22nd - 24th August 



John Thaw Studio 


Part of our John Thaw Initiative Graduate Season 2019 



After years apart, a family is reunited when the father calls his two children to help at his takeaway. Putting their ambitions aside, the children reluctantly return to the place they thought they'd escaped. But everything changes when their father reveals his true intentions.

Inspired by his own experiences, Eric Mok's British Born Chinese explores what it really means to belong to two different cultures and the difficulties it creates. Starring an East Asian cast, this honest portrayal of culture clash explores the dynamic between generations and language and how it can affect our everyday lives. 

No matter how it seems, integration isn't always black and white.

Note: This is a work in progress. The plot is subject to change. More details to be announced.