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CUNHAMBEBE, Tupinambá leader

AIMBERÊ, Cunhambebe’s ally and friend

JOSÉ de ANCHIETA, Iberian Jesuit Priest

ANDRÉ de THÉVET, French writer/explorer

JOÃO RAMALHO, Portuguese colonizer, the first paulista

TIBIRIÇÁ, Tupiniquim leader, Cunhambebe’s arch-rival

BARTIRA, Tibiriçá’s daughter, forced to marry João Ramalho

TUPINIQUINS, TUBINAMBÁS, EUROPEANS (a few extras non-speaking roles for selected group scenes)




Cast UAL Drama Society members

Props, costumes & make-up assistants UAL Drama Society members

Sound Designer Jida Akil

Technical Manager & Programmer Layla Bradbeer

Photography & videography Anna Komitska

Graphic Designer Elisavet Loverdou

Script Editor Pinky Latt

Executive Producer Dylan Wilson

Assistant Director Alize Sotelo

Art Director Camilla Nicosia

Movement Director Konstantina Katsikari

Writer & Director Pedro Perez Rothstein