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A State Of Mind

A State Of Mind

A State Of Mind


by Alyce Louise-Potter 

presented by Spur of the Moment


26th July 





Have you ever thought you might be a bit wonky? Billie Has! 

In A State of Mind we meet and hear about her struggles in life and how she overcomes them. Using the headphone verbatim (or recorded delivery) performance method provides an intimate and detailed insight into mental health, the use of medicinal and recreational drugs and how we form the ways in which we live.

If you like edgy humour, documentary theatre and touching story telling, then you will love A State of Mind.

Billie bares all. The good the ugly and the downright painful.


“This is a highly engaging, and nuanced production.” – Chris Omaweng - . Edinburgh Fringe ★★★★

“It will stay with you long after you leave the theatre” - London Theatre1 ★★★★★

“If you’re a lover of verbatim, call in sick from work right now!” – Theatre Box - ★★★★ ½ 

“Presence, depth and spirit” – Michael Spring – Camden Voyeur

“Remarkable one woman peformance” – Mark Hebert -  ★★★★★

“Wonderful wonderful show, so strong and so absorbing. Bravo! -★★★★★ Iiona Mosejeva

“Some truly brilliant theatre” – Open Door ★★★★★