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The Old House

The Old House

The Old House

Streaming until Sunday 16 May. Available to stream from 7.30pm on 12 February.

Presented by Kate Maravan in Association with The Actors Centre

Tickets: £8 (please scroll down and click on the video thumbnail at the bottom of this page to purchase a ticket)



Memory, loss, mother-daughter relationships and the hokey-cokey.

Revisiting The Old House, Mother and daughter hang on to fragments of what they know. Beach walks, fish and chips, carnival processions, echoes of bygone summers. Memories surface, slip away. A last chance to meet each other anew. Grief, laughter, liberation. 

Written and performed by Kate Maravan, The Old House explores how two women's journeys of loss and new found freedom are interwoven. 

Inspired by Kate’s mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s The Old House explores the possibility that relating to someone with dementia can be a creative and meaningful exchange. A discovery of the person we are with now rather than an attachment to who we once knew and an alive connection to the present moment. How distinctions between well/ill, young/old are less defined. 

The Old House gives us an understanding of the potential of Alzheimer’s to contribute and enrich. 

Praise for The Old House

"A masterclass in acting and characterisation." Theatre Vibe

"Not a mere mourning piece, but a guide to thinking out new ways of connecting meaningfully to someone with Alzheimer’s.” ★★★★ The Reviews Hub

"Poetic ... extremely honest ... gripping and heart-wrenching." ★★★★ Love London Love Culture

"I cannot begin to express how beautifully written and acted this piece is. Kate Maravan has created in The Old House something profoundly honest — painfully so — and utterly riveting. Do watch it, it's a masterclass." Audience Feedback

"Kate, that was exceptional! funny, melancholy, impish, sensual, towering, spacious, piercing, inexorable ... on and on and on. There's not a lot it wasn't!" Audience Feedback

"I really cannot recommend this piece highly enough. Kate Maravan is a brilliant writer and extraordinary performer. The handling of this subject that is so soul destroying is, in this piece, weirdly life-affirming and heart-warming." Audience Feedback

"I've seen a number of on-line experiences over lockdown and this was the closest experience I've had of intimate theatre on a screen." Audience Feedback

"Exquisite and so painful and sad but wonderful.  What an absolute tour de force." Audience Feedback