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Six Plays One Day

Six Plays One Day

Six Plays One Day

Six Plays One Day is produced by Threedumb Theatre

8th February 

15:00 - onwards

from £8 - £30


Threedumb Theatre returns to the Tristan Bates Theatre for another whole day of one-act plays, showcasing a wide variety of new writing.

Sponsored by the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.



Links to the Six Shows:

15:00: My Fern Flower 

17:00 Am I Happy Yet?

18:00 Is Trying Enough? 

19:00 Darling, It's Not About You 

20:00 Noodles for Breakfast 

21:00 Songs of Innocence 


Pricing Deals Breakdown 

1 show:   £8.00 

2 shows:  £14.00 (12.5% discount)

3 shows:  £20.00 (17% discount)

4 shows:  £25.00  (25% discount)

5 shows:  £28.00 (28% discount)

6 shows:  £30.00  (37.5% discount)


Trigger warnings: Swearing, scenes of sexual threat/sexual abuse, themes around mental health, anxiety, grief, depression, alcohol/drug abuse, gunshots, flashing lights.