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Rough Sleeper

Rough Sleeper

Jo Emery Productions and Theatrickal in association with Crisis Presents:

Rough Sleeper

10 - 19 September 2021

Tickets: £6 



Jo Emery Productions and Theatrickal, in association with “Crisis”, the national charity for homeless people, present a new film version of the acclaimed stage play “Rough Sleeper”, streaming as a digital production via The Actors Centre On Demand platform, from September 10th -19th, 2021. The original stage play, written in 2019 by Jo Emery and performed at three different Hertfordshire venues in 2020, generated a tremendously positive response and standing ovations for the lead actor, Haydn Davis, for his tour de force performance. Film Director Ian Hylands shot the cinematic version following the original play script but with some changes, to create a completely new digital experience for the audience.

“Rough Sleeper” tells the story of a fictitious “Man” sleeping rough in the doorway of a closed down high street department store, charting his rise from rags to riches, his subsequent fall from grace into homelessness, and highlights the brutal harshness of life on the streets. Contains some strong language. Tickets: £6. Running time: approx 70 minutes.

The “Everyone In” initiative of 2020 showed that rough sleeping and all forms of homelessness in our society, can and must be addressed. As we come out of lockdown in July 2021, the challenges of being homeless and the scale and urgency of the homeless crisis have not gone away and are even more relevant than ever, as the end of furlough and the moratorium on tenant evictions loom in late 2021.

Feedback for “Rough Sleeper” 

"Poignant for our times. Well written and brilliantly executed. Thought provoking”

“Thoroughly engaging despite being an obviously difficult but important and topical subject matter”

“Tough, poignant, true, gritty and at times hard to watch, but if you want to see a glimpse of real life as a homeless person this is the play to go see 10/10”

“Spot on. Actually it made me cry at one point. So real, gritty and the acting was thoughtprovoking. You summed homelessness up. Absolutely brilliant” “A really well done, moving and thought-provoking piece. An amazing tour de force from Haydn Davis, his performance was powerful and compelling"

“Superbly written and movingly performed, I urge you to watch it!”