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Character Solos

Character Solos

Character Solos

Streaming from 26 February - 16 May

Presented by Effort Productions

Tickets: £6 for one episode | £10 for both episodes


Two unique episodes of Character Solos: a collection of solo stories; poignant, funny, and compelling mini-plays invented, written and performed by each actor. 

Each ‘Solo’ delves into a new Character’s life in one very potent moment. The magic of these pieces is that the actors create everything for the audience: the atmosphere, setting and their imaginary scene partners.  Each piece will transport us to a new world and tell a new story, from a London drug dealer, to a southern American preacher, to an Australian mother desperate to get her child into the right school, to a poet in a relationship breakdown sometime in the past, to an elderly care android in some near future. 

The actors take us on a diverse journey through time and place: Character Solos is a celebration of actor-led new writing and character transformation. Each episode is a jam-packed show full of solo performance wonder. Although each episode is self-contained and unique and can be enjoyed individually, watch both episodes to see the full range of stories and the craft of the actors, as they inhabit their distinct roles.


Episode One (Download Programme)



Episode Two (Download Programme)