The Actors Centre

The Table Read Group

The Table Read Group was set up by Actors Centre Members for Actors Centre Members, so that you might come together to read works from playwrights old and new. Come and explore character once a month and create a sense of community among all actors.


A table read of any play, especially for the first time with a new cast is a wonderful day filled with many new discoveries about the play and those you are reading it with. It is an opportunity to share your vision of a character with others and experience theirs in return. It introduces you not only to the play, but to a whole new cast of collaborators; all through doing what actors do best, reading and interpreting plays.


The Actors Centre is supporting this new collective, The Table Read Group. Its goal will be to once a month, recreate the first table read of a new production. Gathering together Actors Centre Members to be a cast for a day and read a play together. The Group will set its own agenda, be a democracy and most importantly create a safe and fun space to enjoy some favourite works from famous, not-so-famous and new playwrights. 


Email them at [email protected] for more information about our next Table Read.

Check out their Facebook page for more updates.