The Actors Centre

Actors Rechoired

Actors Rechoired are supported by the Actors Centre, and rehearse in the building on Friday evenings. They sing an eclectic range of music from jazz, swing and folk to chart topping pop! It’s a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere with the group sharing ideas for new repertoire and often performing pieces / arrangements written by members.

The choir is composed of 20-30 actors who enjoy singing varied styles of music and are led by fabulous musical director Richard Link. Members are not expected to be able to read music - min requirements are to be able to sing in tune, have some fun and be able to commit to Friday evenings between 6 and 8pm, (naturally, attendance allowances are made if you have acting work).

Auditions for new members are held twice a year at the beginning of each season, (January and September) so if you’re interested in joining just send them an email asking to be added to the mailing list for the next audition invites. Membership costs £20 per term and each weekly session is £6, (or £5 if four are paid in advance.)

Please contact Helen McBriarty at [email protected] for more information.