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Foundations is a fortnightly workshop offering, which aims to equip those looking to pursue an acting career with relevant training and knowledge of the industry. Covering a different theme each session, participants are invited to pick and choose which workshops they attend, ensuring their training fits around other commitments. Spaces are limited, so participants are advised to book in advance.

By signing up to a workshop, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions above: Foundation Course Terms and Conditions. These workshops are for those aged 18 and above. 


It is recommended that participants have some training before participating in these workshops. Please see our Get Into Acting and Get Into Screen Acting courses which will provide you with an introduction to the craft of acting and acting as a profession. 


Upcoming Workshops





Foundations: Write Your Own Role

Saturday 22 September, 10.30-13.30

Are you tired of waiting around for the perfect role in a play to show off your talents? Many actors have found success in writing their own one person show, such as Cush Jumbo and Phoebe Waller-Bridge or have turned to playwriting after a career in acting such as Harold Pinter, April DeAngelis and Patrick Marber. If there is a playwright inside of you itching to get out, then this is the workshop for you. It will provide you with the basis to go away and create your play. It is useful if participants come armed with an idea for a play or one person show with some samples of dialogue and a draft of an outline or synopsis.


Foundations: Acting Confident

Saturday 13 October, 10.30-13.30

How can you approach auditions and meetings with confidence? This tried and tested course is a chance to work on your personal approach to acting confident through being confident.

In this popular fast-paced and practical course you’ll get to explore this vital aspect of the actors’ craft with others, experience a range of techniques and approaches, and have a rare opportunity to refresh and renew your confidence to Act. Gordon has run many Confidence to Create sessions for the Arts Council Creative People and Places scheme and has led similar sessions for the BBC and others. He has cast over 1,000 actors over the years and has also auditioned successfully himself. He is the author of The Confidence Book (Sheldon Press 2008).


Foundations: Shakespeare's Code

Saturday 10 November, 10.30-13.30

A text-centred practical workshop looking at the shifts in Shakespeare’s text within and between verse, prose, and rhyme, and how this can inform our understanding of the characters’ emotional world moment by moment. Why does Shakespeare sometimes write in verse and sometimes in prose? Why does he sometimes rhyme and sometimes not? Shakespeare’s actors had little time to rehearse and prepare before performances of his plays: how did they connect to the emotional world and journey of a character when they may not even have seen a copy of the whole play? Shakespeare had to direct them from the page. This text-centred practical workshop will look at scenes and monologues from Shakespeare’s plays in order to explore and connect with the clues Shakespeare leaves his actors. You will gain a clearer understanding of how form and rhythm inform the emotional and psychological journeys of Shakespeare’s characters, and the chance to explore this practically through scenes and monologues.


Foundations: Singing for the Terrified

Saturday 24 November, 10.30-13.30

Some people are happy in their speaking voices, but would never dream of singing. Others feel they lack the technical knowledge necessary to sing with confidence.  If any of these sound familiar, then this workshop is definitely for you. This course will empower you to feel confident in your ability to deliver a song. You will gain technical knowledge, explore a host of vocal sounds and characters and come away with exercises that will help you to control and grow your voice.


Foundations: Alexander Technique

Saturday 8 December, 10.30-13.30

This workshop designed to introduce you to the core principles of FM Alexander’s discoveries and show you how to apply them to your craft. We will explore key concepts and practices: freedom, expansion into thought, movement and action; natural breathing differentiating between diaphragmatic and abdominal breathing; how to recover equilibrium when under stress; conscious use of neuroplasticity; psycho-physical presence; authenticity in performance.You will learn practical techniques that you can begin to apply immediately. You will also, with the help of the teacher, experience what it is like to have more freedom of choice, to move with greater ease and to find the space in which your own creativity can emerge.




Please note: If you are unable to attend any of the above workshops, please contact reception on 020 3841 6600.