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Voiceover Week: Running from 25 - 29 January | Curated by Guy Michaels in Partnership with The Actors Centre

Voiceover Week: Running from 25 - 29 January | Curated by Guy Michaels in Partnership with The Actors Centre

10 December 2020

Curated by renowned voiceover artist Guy Michaels of Voiceover Kickstart to #SupportTheActorsCentre, we are delighted to present Voiceover Week, running online from 25 – 29 January 2021. Designed to introduce you to the plethora of opportunities available within this gigantic industry, the week — which comprises workshops, webinars and vocal warm-up sessions led by leading industry practitioners — has been developed to offer tangible and practical advice to help increase and sustain employment opportunities. 

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, meaning that many actors remain unable to work, the world of voiceover can prove a fruitful career. From setting up your home studio and working with voiceover scripts to engaging with voiceover agents and delving into the world of audiobooks, Voiceover Week will offer a thorough overview of the industry as well as provide expert advice to help you begin your voiceover career with a minimal budget. 


A series of practical workshops dedicated to helping you get a headstart in the world of voiceover; providing you with all the information you need, from affordably setting up a home studio to dealing with voiceover scripts. 

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These industry-webinars will provide an overview of working in the Voiceover industry, exploring the different options available to you as an artist, from commercial and corporate work to audiobooks and bilingual opportunities. 

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Vocal Health Warm-Ups

These Vocal Health sessions, led by voice coach and singer Michael Hill, will introduce a series of practical warm-up techniques designed to protect, maintain, and enhance your voice. 

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Voiceover Career Sessions

Across two sessions, you will have the opportunity to delve further into what it takes to establish and sustain a voiceover career, from working with Voiceover Agents to branding and marketing yourself as a voiceover artist.

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Please click here to download a full schedule for Voiceover Week.

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