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Three Critically Acclaimed Productions Available to Stream On Demand

Three Critically Acclaimed Productions Available to Stream On Demand

11 February 2021

Three critically acclaimed productions return to The Actors Centre On Demand from 7.30pm on Friday, 12 February. Bren Gosling's Moment of Grace, Kate Maravan's The Old House and Mariana Lafón's Shaken will all be available to stream until 16 May, with each production presented in association with The Actors Centre. 

Moment of Grace: Presented by Backstory Ensemble in association with The Actors Centre and National HIV Story Trust

It’s 1987. Princess Diana’s landmark visit to a London AIDS ward has sparked world-wide interest, camera crews and a televised interview.  But AIDS remains taboo. Even being seen to work on this ward could cost you everything. To change public misconceptions, would you risk it?

Told through the eyes of Jude, a nurse on the ward, Andrew, a patient, and Donnie, a fireman estranged from his son, this ground-breaking new play Moment of Grace tells how the Princess’s visit brought critical attention to AIDS awareness through empathy and acts of kindness.

The Old House: Presented by Kate Maravan in association with The Actors Centre

Revisiting The Old House, mother and daughter hang on to fragments of what they know. Beach walks, fish and chips, carnival processions, echoes of bygone summers. Memories surface, slip away. A last chance to meet each other anew. Grief, laughter, liberation. Written and performed by Kate Maravan, The Old House — which is inspired by Kate's own mother's journey with Alzheimer's — explores how two women's journeys of loss and newfound freedom are interwoven.

Shaken: Presented by Mariana Lafón in association with The Actors Centre

1985, Mexico. The event that marked and united an entire generation. We are facing a national emergency. The ground is still shaking. Doors and windows flapping, smoke, explosions, panic and chaos. Civilians and rescuers looking for survivors under the collapsed buildings. There’s no time left. Your help is needed. Did you hear that? Voices coming from under the debris! Quick a shovel! We need someone that can fit through the gaps!

Mariana Lafón brings a true story to life using Mexican traditional dance, music, puppetry and ruthless humour. A heart-breaking but hopeful journey that will make time return in order to keep the past alive and honour the lives that were lost.

Shaken was originally presented as part of The Latin American Season, curated by Untold Collectiv in association with The Actors Centre.

Each production will be available to stream here and tickets can now be purchased in advance, with each ticket granting you 48-hour access to view the piece.


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