The Actors Centre

there is only now

4 June 2018

"An impressive debut that should go down well with rock and metal fans... There’s the soul of Lenny Kravitz and Living Colour mixed with the hard rock song-writing sensibilities of Alter Bridge and the hooks of the Foo Fighters." - Inverness Gigs

Singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Kai Henderson will give a special acoustic performance of his highly anticipated debut album, There Is Only Now, in the Green Room Bar at The Actors Centre and Tristan Bates Theatre on Monday 04 June. Supported on backing vocals by Canadian chanteuse Véronique Piercy (Cascadia), Henderson will provide a rare opportunity to hear his trademark hard rock sound stripped back to its bare bones in an intimate setting.

Henderson grew up in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands and firmly established himself on the thriving local music scene in local bands including DeLorean and Ursula’s Bikini. He has more recently performed at iconic London venues such as the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall and the Phoenix Artist Club, in addition to touring the UK and Europe and being featured on live TV to audiences of over 2 million.

There Is Only Now is available via and is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and other download and streaming services.