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The Camden Fringe Comes to the Tristan Bates Theatre until 17 August

The Camden Fringe Comes to the Tristan Bates Theatre until 17 August

The Camden Fringe Comes to the Tristan Bates Theatre until 17 August

29 July 2019

We are thrilled to have Camden Fringe returning to the Tristan Bates Theatre for the 2019 edition of its festival.

Between 29 July – 17 August, nine shows will be presented at the theatre, featuring works that delve into the human experience in all its subjectivity and complexity, alongside those works which interrogate broader socio-political themes.

Read below for a complete list of shows coming to the Tristan Bates over the course of the festival.


29 July – 03 August

Sharing experiences from people who may not usually be heard in theatre, this new verbatim play presents stories from working-class people of all ages and ethnicities.

By Alyce-Louise Potter, created with Kelsey Short.
Presented by Spur of the Moment.


When It Happens

30 July – 03 August

A surreal and outrageous comedy following the lives of three women on what they thought would be a normal day of micro-aggressions and self-doubt.  

By Rachel Causer.
Presented by Scatterjam Theatre.


In Limbo

31 July – 03 August

In Limbo follows a group of people who find themselves in a holding space for people who have taken their own lives. They are presented with one final opportunity. The Visit.

Devised by the company.
Presented by SevenArc Productions.

Boris Rex

05 – 10 August

The story of Boris Johnson as a Shakespearean tragicomedy, Boris Rex follows its perfidious anti-hero from the boorish days of Oxford University, right through to a blood-soaked General Election.

By Charlie Dupré.
Presented by Falling Sparrow.

Discord of Discourse

05 – 10 August

If art and science were in love, what would it sound/look/be like? As Jean and Jean attempt to build a relationship, will two people whose lives have very different foundations be able to summon mutual empathy and understanding?

By Khairul Kamsani.
Presented by PlayCraft Studios & KrisP. Productions.

Is This The End For Captain Space?

06 – 10 August

Captain Space has spent her life traversing the galaxy and righting wrongs, comparing herself to the likes of Han Solo and Captain Kirk. Only cooler. Now she faces her greatest challenge yet … herself.

By Richard Yuill.
Presented by Last Fleet Theatre.


All The Little Lights

12 – 17 August

A dark and comic three-hander about abuse, youth and survival. Joanne and Lisa were like sisters. Then Lisa left and got a new family. Joanne got a new mate. Now they’re back together in search of normality and love. Will they reach it?

By Jane Upton.

The Geminus

12 – 17 August

Somewhere aboard The Geminus hides a dark and dangerous secret. This vivid and compelling voyage of self-discovery retells Joseph Conrad’s “The Secret Sharer” as a dark romance.

By Ross Dinwiddy.

The Net

13 – 17 August

Set in a “nowhere land”, a grandmother and her granddaughter are tasked with patching a hole in a border. Mixing poetic choral monologues and cutting dialogue, The Net brings a new dimension to the age-old story of war.

By Zoë Guzy-Sprague.
Presented by Starbound Theatre and Lights Down Productions.


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