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 The Actors Centre Unveils New Membership Opportunities Alongside Key Industry Partnerships and Revamped Website

 The Actors Centre Unveils New Membership Opportunities Alongside Key Industry Partnerships and Revamped Website

 The Actors Centre Unveils New Membership Opportunities Alongside Key Industry Partnerships and Revamped Website

8 July 2019

  • Introduction of an Industry Membership as the organisation moves to become more inclusive and accessible

  • Iconic London theatre Young Vic and entertainment giant SONY announced as key industry partners

  • New fully responsive streamlined website also launched

The Actors Centre — the UK’s leading professional development organisation, which supports actors throughout their careers — has announced key changes to its membership structure alongside the launch of a newly revamped website. In addition to its regular professional Actors Membership, the organisation will now offer an Industry Membership for anyone interested in pursuing a career in acting, which will include access to selected workshops and members’ perks.

Today’s announcement, which marks the most significant developments in the organisation’s membership structure in over twenty years, follows on from the launch of its July – September season of workshops, which unveiled key industry partnerships with the iconic Young Vic theatre and entertainment giant, SONY.

Speaking about the changes, Amanda Davey, General Manager, The Actors Centre said:

“The Actors Centre was established as a safe haven for actors to network, create and support each other and over forty years later, these principles remain at the core of the organisation.

“By opening up our membership offering with the Industry Membership, we want the Centre to be as inclusive and as accessible as possible for anyone interested in pursuing an acting career. It is about ensuring that those who want to learn about the craft, or those who may feel intimidated by where to begin, or even those working in another aspect of the industry, know that The Actors Centre is a space that can encourage and facilitate these interests.

The Centre will always strive to be a guiding light for actors throughout their careers and we want to provide clear development pathways for our actors — both through the organisation itself with our Tristan Bates and John Thaw theatres, and also into the wider industry.”

Industry Partnerships

As The Actors Centre expands its offering of salient and robust connections to the industry, for its July – September season, the organisation will partner with the Young Vic to run a series of workshops that encourage direct collaboration between actors and directors. Professional actor members of The Actors Centre will be joined by directors from The Young Vic Directors Program, in workshops on everything from improvisation and devising, to Shakespeare and intimacy on stage and screen.

The Actors Centre has also entered into sponsorship with SONY, which will see the organisation receive state-of-the art SONY camera equipment to enhance both its screen workshops and serve as an affordable hire option for members to create their own work.

Speaking about the partnerships, Lauren McGee, Workshops Programme Manager said:

“We are particularly excited about our July – September season at The Actors Centre as it not only marks a new era of inclusivity for the Centre, but having two iconic institutions such as the Young Vic and SONY on board means that we can truly enhance our membership offering.

“We are also delighted to be running a series of workshops in collaboration with both organisations including a season of actor/director workshops with the Young Vic, as well as a number of SONY workshops to facilitate our members skills development both in front of and behind the lens.”

Revamped Website

Underpinning key developments within the organisation is the new look and feel of The Actors Centre website, which has been streamlined to create a more contemporary and accessible user journey.

Featuring photography of its members throughout, the new website is fully responsive across all devices and marks the first phase in a plan of new digital developments within the organisation. 


For more information, please contact Jamie Tuohy, Marketing and Communications Manager, The Actors Centre, [email protected]


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