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Take a Look at Some of Our Screen Workshops in Association with Sony!

Take a Look at Some of Our Screen Workshops in Association with Sony!

8 August 2019

We are extremely excited to announce that we have entered into a sponsorship agreement with Sony. Sony's sponsorship will provide the Actors Centre with state of the art camera equipment, to both enhance our screen workshops, and from August will provide an affordable option for our members to hire cameras in order to start creating their own work.

We will be running a number of workshops in association with Sony, to develop camera skills both in front of and behind the lens.

Sony Camera Craft Skills #1: The Camera – How does it work?

Saturday 7 September: All Day Class

As an actor or director you are used to telling stories, but have you wondered how a camera translates a performance to engage your audience? This workshop will look at camera skills from both sides of the lens, to ensure you are getting the best footage as both an actor or director. 

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Sony Camera Craft Skills #2: How to Engage the Audience with the Visual Image 

Thursday 12 September: All Day Class

In this camera craft workshop, you will learn how the camera uses light, colour, texture and composition – and the human face – to engage with the subconscious of the audience to create atmosphere, emphasis and mood. As an actor or director, learn to tell a story that emotionally engages the audience, and one they won’t forget.

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Sony Camera Craft Skills #3: How to Light your Actors for Camera    

Friday 27 September: All Day Class

With Sony’s latest cameras we are able to record shadows and highlights as they really are. Contrast that our eyes, brain and emotions respond to in the real World. In this workshop we learn how to light the human face and the scene to create mood, atmosphere and story. This workshop is for actors and directors. 

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