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New Workshop Tiers

New Workshop Tiers

19 March 2019

We have recently introduced a new system of tiers for our workshops. This is in order for members to clearly see what workshops would be best suited to them, with their level of experience and training. Unlike our Premium and Standard tags, this is not decided by us, but by the members. You can choose which tier best suits you, and choose when you move up a level, so you can develop your craft at your own pace.


It is entirely up to you what level of workshop you want to participate in, please find below a brief explanation of each level below to help you decide where you would place yourself:



These workshops are suitable for all levels of experience.



Some basic training or understanding of the genre, but no professional experience. Also great as a refresher for those returning after a break.



Some professional experience of the genre, we recommend 1-2 professional credits or those with considerable training in this area.



We recommend 4 professional credits or more in the specific genre and a firm understanding. Also, for those who would like to develop their craft in the company of those of a similar professional level.



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