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Meet our Tutors | Ian Macdonald: Tools To Improve and Protect Your Voice

Meet our Tutors | Ian Macdonald: Tools To Improve and Protect Your Voice

25 October 2019

Ian MacDonald will lead Tools to Improve and Protect Your Voice at The Actors Centre on 4 November. Here, Ian writes about the workshop and tells us more about "one of the universe's most remarkable inventions."


Areas we can investigate:

  • General Health
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Articulation
  • Performance
  • Singing


I have 30 years’ experience as a professional singer and sometime actor. 30 years as a teacher/coach and teacher and 20 years a Voice Scientist, Vocal Health Clinician and Practitioner and Medical Researcher in Performing Arts Medicine. I believe that the human voice is one of the universe’s most remarkable inventions. It has endless fathomless powers and influence, and is the whole reason we are the most remarkable force upon this planet today. I have devoted my life to understanding, developing, writing about it, teaching about it and treating vocal athletes and elite professional voice users when things have gone wrong.

Workshops and 1-2-1 always aim to target that the most pertinent and present concerns. As everything in voice is connected – we are after all a unique fascinating living musical instrument – priority of concern will change day to day year to year group to group.


I’ll ask you what you want to understand or practice more or the areas of development or difficult you wish to work on and target those.

I don’t believe in mistakes just learning and the constant interruption of unwanted thoughts to our focus. Feel free to interpret that as you will.



Actors are special people. They dedicate their lives to the exploration of containment. They develop their characters so that others can enjoy, learn, grow, and experience second-hand many issues and situations that life throws at us. They are prepared to change the combinations of their internal worlds so that this can happen. And that can be psychological and physiologically dangerous. Workshops like these that allow development and re-learning of new combinations of forces are essential.


Singers are special people. They must attempt to express true emotional connection despite the confines of often rigid form of musical notation and driving rhythm. The time given to technique acquiring vocal tools, health and mental health concerns is crucial. They must develop strong independent core beliefs and hold on to them despite stress, pressure from outside or anxiety. These core beliefs are helped by understanding of their instrument, how it works, what affects it, why it may not works etc.


Performer give much of themselves to the world. These workshops will give you something.

Tools To Improve and Protect Your Voice runs on 4 November. For more information and booking links, please click here.

About Ian Macdonald
Ian studied music and psychology at Glasgow University and Vocal Pathology at University College London. Between these two he also graduated from the Royal College of Music in voice, piano and composition. He was the lead vocal rehabilitation specialist for the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) since 2000 and is the course tutor for the world’s first MSc in Performing Arts Medicine at University College London, a collaboration with The Royal College of Music and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.


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