The Actors Centre

Lunchtime Seminars #2

25 April 2016

Confidence, Presence and Imposter Syndrome with Dawn Ellis

The Actors Centre's Lunchtime Seminars programme provides a great opportunity for Actors Centre members and the public to learn and get experience of new ideas and techniques from individuals at the top of their field.


Have you ever gone up for an audition – knowing you’re right for the part (and even knowing the director) – only to find that you suddenly lose confidence when you’re in front of them? And where is your presence then? This seemingly random dip in confidence is a well-known experience, sometimes known as Imposter Syndrome. 

If you appear confident but sometimes doubt yourself and become anxious – this is for you. In this 60 minute seminar you will learn to understand and handle the devastating impact of sudden loss of presence when it most counts.

How will it work?
- Discover what causes Imposter Syndrome
- Become more aware of how limiting beliefs can impact your career
- Practice techniques to access true confidence.

What will I get out of it?
- A basic understanding of the mechanics of confidence and what sabotages it
- Learn practical techniques to address Imposter Syndrome
- Take away steps to follow before you present yourself at important interviews.

This next installment of our Lunchtime Seminars is not to be missed! Book now via the Tristan Bates Theatre to avoid disappointment.

Friday 6 May, 13:00 - 14:00

Tristan Bates Theatre

£10 (non-members)

£6 (Actors Centre members only)

Meet Dawn Ellis:

Dawn is a highly experienced teacher and coach of AQ (Attitudinal Intelligence), which she delivers to corporate leaders worldwide. For the past 10 years she has coached senior leaders in Presence, Gravitas and Charisma. She is currently thrilled to be working in arts organisations like St Martins and the Actors Centre as well. Her recent workshop at the Actors Centre, The Integrated Self was a sell out! 

Dawn co-founded Instant Teamwork, specialising in personal performance and motivation. She is passionate about helping people tackle sabotaging mind sets and behaviours and reach their full potential – as artists and human beings.

Dawn worked as an actor for 15 years, and is a storyteller, giving performances and storytelling workshops.