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Lunchtime Seminars

Lunchtime Seminars

29 February 2016

The Actors Centre is launching a new initiative of short Lunchtime Seminars in the Tristan Bates Theatre. We will be providing an opportunity for our members and the public to learn and get experience of new ideas and techniques from individuals at the top of their field.

The first in the series will be hosted by Grand Master of Memory, Mark Channon! After his success at Guardian Masterclass, this special seminar will take memorising lines to a whole new level.

"I attended Mark’s masterclass and it’s fascinating. I could still remember a whole list of things five days later. Brilliant for actors and non-actors alike" - Paul Clayton


Improve Your Memory – Remembering with Ease

Do you often find yourself getting stressed after being handed a script 10 minutes before the audition? How would it feel if you had a process to rapidly learn scenes of dialogue the night before your shoot? What would it do for you if you could get ‘off book’ earlier during rehearsals?

In this one-hour interactive memory seminar, you will learn practical real-world strategies that take the stress out of learning lines in any situation. Play along with some easy to use and highly effective memory strategies with Grand Master of Memory, Mark Channon.

How will it work?

  • Discover the art of Creative Memorisation (these are the building blocks for a better memory and increased focus)
  • Learn the key skills: Chains and Networks (strategies to rapidly remember words)
  • Put it into practice (test it out with a real audition script)

What will I get out of it?

  • Strategies to learn lines quickly before an audition
  • A simple process to accelerate the time to learn last minute scenes
  • Skills to get ‘off book’ earlier in rehearsals
  • 3 powerful strategies to get you ‘in the zone’ and let go of the ‘fear of forgetting’ 

This first in a new series of Lunchtime Seminars is not to be missed! Book now to avoid disappointment.

Members £6

Non-members £10

16 March, 13:00 – 14:00

Tristan Bates Theatre


Meet Mark Channon:

Mark Channon is a Memory Coach and the founder of After creating the quiz show Monkhouse’s Memory Masters for the BBC, he became one of the first Grand Masters of Memory in the world. Mark is the author of several books including; The Memory Workbook and Improve Your Memory: Sharpen Focus and Improve Performance. He has worked as a trainer for organisation such as Rothschild, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, BBC and Guardian.  Mark originally trained as an actor working for over 15 years in London’s West End, the National Theatre, The Traverse as well as many roles on TV.


The Actors Centre is launching a new initiative of short Lunchtime Seminars in the Tristan Bates Theatre.

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