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Learn More About Our Upcoming Voice Workshops

Learn More About Our Upcoming Voice Workshops

10 October 2019

The voice is an integral part of any performance — unless you’re a mime, of course. Explore a sample of the upcoming voice-focused workshops available at The Actors Centre.

The Big Three Voice Notes — And How to Avoid Them

Wednesday 30 October: All-Day Class

Vocal coach Yvonne Morley’s workshop will examine the most commonly given voice notes and look at practical strategies to avoid them. Focus on breath and physical support, achieving honesty and authenticity, and learn methods to avoid straining, constricting, and pushing the voice.


Tools to Improve and Protect Your Voice

Monday 4 November: Morning Class

Led by vocal rehabilitation specialist Ian Macdonald, this workshop will address pertinent personal issues related to voice. The session will reveal how to control the breath to help reduce anxiety and vocal fold damage as well as increase brightness, volume, and projection to create a sense of ease and confidence for your audience.


Accent Work For Non-Native Speakers of English

11-12 November: Two-Day Class

This workshop is designed for non-native English speakers seeking to develop and maintain an accent with confidence for an audition, acting role or voiceover job. Voice coach, singer, and broadcaster Michael Hill will instruct in efficient methods to adapt your own sound and muscle memory to begin speaking confidently in the English accent of your choice.

This workshop runs over 2 days: 11 & 12 November.


Belt It Out!

Wednesday 4 December: Afternoon Class

Conducted by voice coach, singer and broadcaster Michael Hill, this is a practical course in safe, powerful singing for actors and singers. This workshop will help you navigate the world of belt technique and teach reliable, practical tools to access a belt sound for auditions and performance. 


Vocal Extremes

Thursday 12 December: All-Day Class

Guided by vocal coach Yvonne Morley, this is a practical workshop for actors, voice artists and performers with some pre-existing voice training. Explore and refine the skills and techniques for authentic delivery of screaming, shouting, sustaining emotionally-heightened text and other challenging forms of voice work for the stage, screen and in the studio.


For more information on Voice workshops at The Actors Centre, please click here.


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