The Actors Centre

LA Vs London

25 June 2015

The Debate!

Acting in London or acting in LA?

The differences between the two cities and industries are often a hot topic amongst the budding and successful actor.

We’re bringing the debate to you.

As a new initiative the Actors Centre hosted two industry panel discussions, one in London and one in LA, as part of last season's focus on working in the USA. 

These events featured a range of industry professionals from the UK and USA including directors, casting directors, agents, producers, actors, acting coaches and immigration lawyers. They are here to give you the inside scoop on the acting profession on both sides of the pond.

Both panels discussed questions submitted by our members, giving you the most relavent information by those who know best.

Both events were filmed, and you can watch them now! Click here to view our YouTube channel and leave comments to let us know what you think or alternatively you can view them below.

LA Debate

Many thanks to our host Danny De Lilo and his panelists; Jenny Brennan, Amir Korangy, Lucas Kosoglad, Larry Laboe, Danielle Lenninger, Sandro Manetti, Kate Raynor and Ronnie Yeskel.

London Debate - Live in the Tristan Bates Theatre

Many thanks to our host Simone Reynolds CDG and her panelists; Bob Bierman, Oliver Cotton, Giles Foreman, Georgina Kerr, Debbie McWilliams CDG, Orlando Ortaga-Medina and Christina Shepherd.