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Get Ready for the Screen with Our Upcoming Workshops

Get Ready for the Screen with Our Upcoming Workshops

11 November 2019

Whether your ambition leads you to the small or big screen, our upcoming series of courses at the Actors Centre will give you the tools to come alive in front of the camera. Select workshops are open to both Actor and Industry members.


Shooting Performance

14 November: All-Day Class

Led by director Tim Leandro, this workshop will explore the interaction between actor and camera. The aim is to achieve the full potential of the scenes under the time pressure of a realistic television shooting schedule.


How to Use the Camera to Tell Your Story

16 November, 10.30-13.30 OR 14.30-17.30

4 December, 10.30-13.30 OR 14.30-17.30

In this half day workshop, BBC-trained Director of Photography Jeremy Humphries will explain how he uses his camera to faithfully record a scene. He will draw on similarities between what actors and filmmakers are both trying to do to tell a story that emotionally engages the audience and which they will remember days, weeks and years later. This workshop is suitable for actors, directors and those interested in filmmaking.


Performing for the Screen Lab

28 November: All-Day Class

Taught by writer-director David Bonneville, this practical workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to screen acting with an organic and extensive approach to character construction. Over the course of this workshop participants will have the opportunity to build the character as a personal, unique creation under the director’s supervision.


Presenting for TV

24 November & 1 December: Two-Day Class

Do you need to talk to camera to build a business online? Do you want to present on mainstream TV? This  two-day highly practical workshop with BBC-trained director Kathryn Wolfe will give you techniques to present confidently to camera and take your existing skills to the next level. Topics include talking to camera, speaking to time, interviewing guests, being interviewed, reading Autocue, walking and talking, vox pops and shopping channels, finding a TV presenting jobs and marketing yourself as a presenter.

This workshop runs over two days: 24 November & 1 December.


Working on Film: The Director/Actor Collaboration

7 - 8 December: Two-Day Class

Led by director Tim Fywell, this course will examine the director-actor relationship in terms of the script, the character, and the shooting process. Explore how the director and actor can work together to achieve a higher degree of characterisation and immediacy.

This workshop runs over two days: 7 & 8 December.


Acting for Camera: Taking Away the Fear

9 - 10 December: Two-Day Class

A workshop aimed at helping you to understand the connection between your theatre training and acting for the camera and giving you the courage to do it. Working with director and writer Sue Dunderdale, you will learn how to prepare for acting a scene on camera so that you play the scene with depth, with layers and in a way that truthfully conveys the journey of the scene.

This workshop runs over two days: 9 & 10 December.


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