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Develop Your Characterisation Skills With These Upcoming Workshops

Develop Your Characterisation Skills With These Upcoming Workshops

Develop Your Characterisation Skills With These Upcoming Workshops

6 November 2019

Characterisation is key when it comes to bringing a story to life. In these upcoming workshops at The Actors Centre, you will explore what it takes to develop characters that will have audiences on the edges of their seats.

The Craft of Acting: Finding The Inner Key

Monday 18 November - Wednesday 20 November: Morning Class

With the help of actor Jason Riddington, in this workshop, through focused improvisation techniques, you will develop the tools to unlock a deep sense of truth and belief when developing character.

This workshop runs over 3 days: 18, 19 & 20 November.


The Process: The Secret to Truthful Acting

Thursday 21 November - Friday 22 November: All-Day Class

Led by actor James Bowden, this workshop is designed to help participants find a way to consistently create truthful emotions in performance. An ABC to approaching a role from page to performance suitable for actors of all experience, the Process is James’ own systematic and streamlined approach to the art and craft of creating character.

This class runs over 2 days: 21 & 22 November.


The Science of Acting Technique

Wednesday 23 November: All-Day Class

In this workshop, acting coach Teresa Grimsditch will explore key aspects of the Science of Acting Technique, and demonstrate how neurobiology and acting can come together in the creation of highly original, distinctive characters. Participants will be able to utilise elements of the technique in their own approach to character design.


Performing for the Screen Lab

Thursday 28 November: All-Day Class

Taught by writer-director David Bonneville, this practical workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to screen acting with an organic and extensive approach to character construction. Over the course of this workshop participants will have the opportunity to build the character as a personal, unique creation under the director’s supervision.


Working on Film: The Director/Actor Collaboration

Saturday 7 December and Sunday 8 December: All-Day Class

Guided by director Tim Fywell, this two-day workshop brings actors and new directors together to collaborate and understand the process of creating work for film from both sides of the camera. Gain a better understanding of what is required from an actor and director and how to approach work on film

This workshop runs over 2 days: 7 & 8 December.


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