The Actors Centre


20 March 2019

Our new season is live, and you can get a discount during our 48 hour sale!

We are making a change to the way we offer our season discount to members, and will be holding a two day sale on 21 & 22 March! As we know it is not always possible to attend our members events, we wanted to make sure all members could access the discount on our April-June season.

Members receive 20% discount on any workshops which are £30 or over.


How it works

There are two ways to access the discount:


Come into the centre at any time on Thursday 21 or Friday 22 March and book in person with our reception team.


Complete an online booking form between 9.30am on Thursday 21 to 5.30pm on Friday 22 March, and we will call you back to confirm your booking.





  • The booking form will be sent to members at 9.30am on Thursday 21 March, and members will be called back in order of when their form was submitted.
  • Members must pay for the workshops when they are called to confirm their booking, or else their place will be released.
  • If we cannot get through to a member, we will leave a voicemail. Members will then need to call back within the two day booking period to get the discount. 
  • Phone bookings will be processed between 9.30am - 5.30pm on the 21 & 22 March. Forms completed after 17.30 on Friday 22 March will not be processed.
  • We will not accept any incoming phone bookings with the discount during these two days.
  • The discount applies to member workshops only, and does not include Open Courses or Corporate workshops.
  • If you have any access requirements in regards to this booking process, please contact our reception team. 


Get ahead of the game!

The booking form goes live at 9.30am on Thursday 3 January. If you already know what workshops you'd like to book, you can get ready by collecting the information in advance.

Information required for each workshop on our form:

Name of workshop
Date of workshop
Product code


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