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5 Quick Questions With Moronke Akinola

5 Quick Questions With Moronke Akinola

5 Quick Questions With Moronke Akinola

2 August 2019

Moronke Akinola is the winner of the 2019 Alan Bates Award and her debut show, Give Me A Minute, is currently running as part of our Graduate Season. The play asks the question: "What happens when two ex lovers find themselves sorting through issues from years past?"

We caught up with Moronke to ask her Five Quick Questions about the show and find out a little bit more about her creative process. 

What inspired you to create this show?

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School has this yearly 'Write Night' event in which students submit 15-20m pieces with the hopes of having it performed on 'Write Night'. After the 1st 'Write Night' I went to in first year, I was inspired to write, but a lot of it was written this year. The concept has changed and improved I'd say. 


What do you hope audiences will take from this show? 

Communication is key. It doesn't matter if you want to talk about an issue or not, it's really important to speak. Know when you need to step away from a situation to get yourself on the right track. 


What does winning the Alan Bates Award mean to you?

It's a pleasure and a privilege. Who I've met, who might be inspired, what I've learnt and gained. It's still unbelieveble to me, but by God's grace here I am. 


Did you have an audience in mind when creating this work?

No not really. I think it's important for a variety of people to watch this piece. I will say however, I want black people to feel represented in relationships with fun times as well as struggles because I don't see a lot of that being portrayed in a healthy and realistic way when I watch things. 

Are there are other shows in the Graduate Season you are hoping to see?

As many as I can. Alot of fellow BOVTS graduates are putting on pieces which is great!

Give Me A Minute is currently running in our John Thaw Studio as part of our Graduate Season until Saturday, 3 August. Tickets are priced at £7/£5 and can be purchased here


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