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We have a number of courses and opportunities available to non-members. 



We run a selection of introductory courses in various areas of the acting profession for those looking to take the first steps in exploring the craft. 

Get Into Acting

This eight-day course is perfect for anyone who is interested in becoming an actor. The course acts as a taster of drama school training, a broad introduction to the craft of acting and acting as a profession.


Get Into Screen Acting

This five-day course for newcomers to the profession offers an exciting, dynamic and creative introduction to acting and auditioning for camera.


Get Into TV Presenting 

This two-day course will give you the tools to work across different presenting mediums and sharpen your skills for a career in front of the camera.


Introduction to Acting

This is afun, informative and engaging course, aimed to provide a basic introduction to the acting profession. This is ideally suited to those inquisitive about an acting career, or those looking to enhance their day to day communication.


Drama School Audition Technique 

In this unique and exclusive opportunity, the Actors Centre and The Dorset School of Acting are joining forces to bring a week long intensive course for those wanting to audition for Drama School. 


Drama School Audition Intensive

This one-day workshop offers young performers an invaluable grounding in the vital skills needed to succeed in the Drama School Audition process.


Speaking with Confidence

This one day course aims to develop each participant’s confidence and ability to speak publicly. We will assess each individual’s concerns around public speaking, and evaluate their current performance through their use of voice, body language and energy to convey the message.

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Studio and Theatre Hire

Conveniently located in the heart of the West End, The Actors Centre's studios are available to hire for auditions, rehearsals or meetings. To learn more about our studio and theatre hire, please click here