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“The Centre provides a unique service helping professional actors improve their skills and exercise their talents and so provides the entertainment industry as a whole with a pool of practised, inquiring artists.” Sir Anthony Hopkins


The Actors Centre is the UK’s leading organisation offering continual professional development for actors throughout their careers. Working with some of the highest regarded international performers and coaches across theatre, film and television, we bring our expertise and experience into the business world, offering a unique theatrical approach to professional training.


Course Overview


This bespoke workshop course is designed for those in customer service roles, introducing the fundamentals of movement, voice, storytelling and interaction, highlighting aspects that can enhance a more effective ‘performance’ and customer experience. Over the course of the workshop we will discover the framework to enable each individual to confidently display their personality in a professional setting. Ultimately each member is striving to find their own individual presence with individual customers, yet working on building an ensemble is essential to the performance of the company overall; finding a common style for the whole team can work towards creating a stronger brand and overall experience for the customer.


“We found the workshops to be engaging, fun and very beneficial. The techniques and skills the team took from these sessions are invaluable and are used every day in the restaurant. Our aim was to help the team understand that voice, movement and improvisation are just some of the key foundations needed to fulfil the role a Storyteller here at The Fat Duck.” Dimitri Bellos, Restaurant Manager at The Fat Duck


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Course Elements



We will cover the basic fundamentals of movement analysis and the power of non-verbal communication in the workplace. Using four fundamental aspects of Movement Analysis; Body, Effort, Space and Shape, we will focus on the ability to adjust our body usage effectively to adapt to situations, people, and to also evoke specific responses. Most importantly, this workshop will be way of looking at and understanding further the power of non-verbal communication in your bespoke workplace environment.



Participants will learn simple, practical tools which will allow them to create a well-oiled vocal machine, adaptable to every twist and turn of daily working life. The tutor will provide the latest science-based vocal techniques translated into clear, effective and enjoyable exercises. Participants will learn what 'projecting the voice' really means and how to find it in your unique voice, and how to change 'gear', vocal mode or quality to adapt to every customer and noise level. We will also cover the acoustics of what makes a voice compelling, powerful, empathic and listenable.


Storytelling and Interaction

We will look at how you effectively convey a brand’s story, to enhance the customer experience. Understanding what the customer is looking for from the experience is key, and we will look at adapting responses to accommodate this. We will also focus on keeping the service fresh, despite how many customer interactions there have been in a day. Incorporating elements of the previous voice and movement work, we will look at how both the content of the interaction, and the way we relay it, can create a positive association with a brand.

In this session we will touch upon the basic fundamentals of how practicing more active listening can vastly improve and empower ones customer interactions. Using performative games that each key into a different aspect of the improvisers mind-set, we will build confidence and trust, before recontextualising interactions one might have with customers. Improvisation scenarios can act like microcosms for the uncertain circumstances we encounter every day in the workplace, and thus offer a perfect framework to train our responses to it. Building on the work of the previous three sessions, we will bring together Movement, Voice and Storytelling to create a “professional performance” which can be adapted to different scenarios.


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