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Vocal and VO tips

8 August 2018

2018 Vocal and VO tips for AC Actor members to help develop discipline and focus before making games, radio drama, audio book or commercial reels

*Tip 23: Use as a reference guide to finding, researching and practising copy

*Tip 24: Practise levels of smile from 1 to 10 - a smile lifts the text, makes things less serious and more melodic rather than read.
*Tip 25: Deliver copy with levels of energy not volume - if your volume changes too much when you’re on the mic then that take can’t be used.
*Tip 26: Slow down - the audience wants to be talked to not at! 
*Tip 27: Practise sustaining a smile for 10 seconds to 1 min, and keeping it real!
*Tip 28: Pace yourself so you aren’t too fast. Try listening back to your reads (do no more than six at a time to self feedback on) 
*Tip 29: Emphasise the product without overselling
*Tip 30: Learn how to land a tag or phone number by moving your hand in a slow circle away from you, with your palm towards you.
*Tip 31: Make copy sound honest and conversational by pretending you’re chatting with a great friend.
*Tip 32: Look for the 'call to action' and use hand gestures
 to be more expressive.
*Tip 33: Separate enthusiasm and passion by keeping the energy behind your eyes.
*Tip 34: Stay believable and be expressive by doing less vocally and always thinking about who you are talking to.
*Tip 35: Give a dab of inflection and a hint of suggestion to help grab the audience's ear.

*Tip 36: Pick out two fun or positive personality traits you have and try to get them vocally on your practice voice files.


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"Peter Warnock teaches in an accessible, practical, interactive and fun way. He is an unusually talented teacher and voice actor” - Peter Pearson