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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

14 August 2015

Think before you Tweet...

Social Media today is what the News Bulletin was to the 20th Century, only now you can choose what you want to keep up to date with, almost anywhere in the world, with the click of a button and a glance at your phone. It’s the most current form of information and news and often live. It’s how I follow what my friends/idols are working on and are passionate about, current trends and issues, not to mention the latest gossip, also providing my followers with an excellent platform and network to do the same.

But I think we are so busy putting information out there hot off the press that it’s easy to not consider the consequences and impacts before we tweet, post or share. Does the world really need to know what you ate today? Or how you felt about the “crazy” sitting next to you on the tube? Or that yet again you’re running late to an audition or rehearsal due to the infamous #Tubestrike? I mean, we can all agree that TFL and #Nationfail are the bane of existence when living in London…

My point is, in an ocean of information how can we keep it clean, professional and to the point. What do you want to tell the world about your life, career and ideas? Careless tweets can cause damage, and once it’s out there it’s almost impossible to truly erase.

So I pose the question…To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Join me at my workshop, as part of the ASC’s season “Empowering the Actor”, To Tweet or Not to Tweet. We’ll explore how to organise, maintain and promote yourself and your brand on social media along with tips for efficient self-management of content, advice on self-taping, editing and sharing short clips such as auditions/showreels.

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Rory Hawkins – Actor, Musician, Director, Member of the ASC and Tutor at the Actors Centre