The Actors Centre

The Alan Bates Award

24 April 2015

I'm so thankful I got that fighting start

It’s that time of the year again, where someone will be getting a fighting start to the real harsh world of acting by winning the Alan Bates Award 2015.

It’s been 3 years now since I won mine. This industry is so hard, if only it was about being the best actor you can be and letting the rest take care of itself. Unfortunately that’s not the case, you have to market yourself, network, write to people, have a showreel, voicereel, headshots (that can’t be too broody or happy – nightmare) and the list goes on.

I think that it’s so important that the Alan Bates Award exists. For a young actor to enter the industry with all the nuts and bolts taken care of for them, they can just concentrate on being the best they can be.

I have had a diverse career and continue to do so, I’m so thankful I got that fighting start.

Elliot Barnes-Worrell – Actor and Board Member of the Actors Centre