The Actors Centre

Let's hear from our intern Nicole!

5 August 2016

What's it like to intern at the Actors Centre?



As an arts administration student from New York pursuing a career in talent/casting, interning in London is an absolute dream. This summer I was lucky enough to make that dream a reality by spending 8 weeks as the company intern for the Actors Centre in Covent Garden. Arriving in the UK I had a strong feeling that this internship was going to be a great placement for me, but even so I completely underestimated how much I would take away from the experience and how much I would really enjoy it!

The best thing about getting to work in an arts organisation is getting to work on so many different projects that span various departments. I have gotten to work on all sorts of projects involving marketing and social media content, data collection, presentation and analysis, and developing and maintaining contacts sheets, as well as creative projects such as promotional content development and script analysis work. This has not only allowed me to develop a diverse skill set, but has also given me the opportunity to learn from all of the members of the Actors Centre team. Each staff member made it a point to ask what I was hoping to take away from the internship and worked hard to make sure that they were providing me with a comprehensive and hands-on experience.

The skills I have developed, refined and nurtured in my time at the Actors Centre will carry over to all other internship and work experience that I may have in the future. It gave me more confidence to speak up, contribute ideas and take initiative. Working in a new cultural context provided me with a unique experience and international perspective on the entertainment industry. I am beyond grateful to have gotten to spend the summer learning from the insightful, knowledgeable and kind-hearted team at the Actors Centre!


Nicole Nittoli, Summer Intern at the Actors Centre