The Actors Centre

Kick start your career!

6 April 2018

DARE TO CREATE: Kick start your career!

A series of workshops for actors to develop their own work…


Edinburgh Fringe – Mastering the Festival

Tutor: Steven Atkinson

4 April

A group session led by HighTide’s co-founder and Edinburgh Fringe veteran Steven Atkinson discussing all aspects of performing at the Edinburgh Festival.


Screenwriting for Actors

Tutor: Nirpal Bhogal

10 & 11 April

A workshop that, over two sessions, teaches the basic principles of screenwriting including story structure, character building, world building, thematic structure, and formatting.


Thinking of Starting a Theatre Company?

Tutor: Catherine Lamb

11 April

This is a workshop designed to equip you with all the information you need to start a theatre company and begin creating and producing your own work.


Make a Radio Play in a Day

Tutor: Gordon Lamont

16 April

Immerse yourself in acting for radio and produce finished scenes of even whole mini dramas from scratch with experienced radio director Gordon Lamont.


Beginning Playwriting: The 10-Minute Play

Tutor: Lydia Parker

5 May

This will focus on the structure of storytelling, writing dialogue, character development and dynamics.


Creating Your Own Web Series

Tutor(s): Alys Metcalf and Roxy Dunn

10 May

This is a workshop to ignite and inspire anyone interested in creating their own online comedy or drama web-series.


Write Your Own Role

Tutor: Lydia Parker

20 May

We will focus on the structure of story telling, writing dialogue, character development and dynamics.


Could I Be Stand Up Comedian?

Tutor: Ria Lina

Thursday 24 May

This workshop will look at what stand up is, and what is involved in creating a performance.


Becoming a Stand Up Comedian

Tutor: Ria Lina

Thursday 24 May

For those interested in a potential career in stand up, we will work on individual comedy sets.


On the Road with Paines Plough

Tutor: James Grieve

11 June

An informal conversation to offer an insight into Paines Plough’s work and ideology.


Writing Your Own Monologue

Tutor: Lily Bevan

12 and 13 June

A short course designed to help you create a unique monologue for performance.


Story Development: from Acting to Writing

Tutor: Greg Mosse

16 & 30 June

These workshops include improvisation, story outlining, scene writing, and a discussion of general principles of story development, including working alone and working collaboratively.